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Ogml Rules

Post by kpthbusrunin on Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:28 pm

We expect a couple things of everyone.

Respect your opponent. You do not have to like everyone you play, but you will respect them. Verbal personal attacks will not be tolerated. If you aren't mature enough to handle things like an adult, then we will find someone who can.

Schedule your games! We're here to play games against live people, not CPU games or SIM Games. If you aren't scheduling you games, you will be gone quickly. We advance every Sun,Weds,Fri. Don't wait until the last minute to schedule a game. If you aren't on GroupMe, I encourage you to do so (ASAP). Its one of the easiest ways to schedule.


If an owner is breaking a rule, simply inform them during the game by private chat or chatting on headsets. Report rule breaks to the Commish, KorrosivD, for the particular league if they fail to cooperate during game. Don’t forget, both owners will be approached about the rule break, so if you’re caught making it up, you could be removed from the league.
The complaint(s) will be filed by the Commish, and will not be shared with anyone but the co-commissioners, the owner who filed the complaint, and the owner who the complaint was against. Make sure all complaints are honest, or you may be removed from the league for dishonesty. Now that we are able to save replays (except for defensive sacks, incomplete passes etc.) save and upload highlights to your EA hub, so that commissioners can see the evidence of infractions whenever possible. If the same play keeps being used against you over and over again, save as many examples as possible to share with the commish crew.
OGML takes in game complaints very seriously, so be careful when you lodge one. There is no way a commish crew can monitor 16 games per week and know unless the Owners communicate with us. We encourage privately advising the Commish crew on questionable gameplay so it can be monitored.
Posting complaints and/or negative remarks about an opponent or league member publicly, including forums and league groupme will not be tolerated by anyone. Arguments should quickly be taken offline, and handled like adults. Do not embarrass the league or yourselves by taking it to the blast or forums or you will be removed.


You must post your trades, and the other party has to confirm them. Please use the Trade sections on the forums. **Trades can NOT be posted or confirmed after the Trade Deadline

You cannot trade players that you have acquired in any trade.
You cannot trade any free agents picked up in the same season, defined as Superbowl to Superbowl
You may not resign a guy that you cut in the same season, you must wait until the offseason.
Trades will for this league will consist of a total of three trades, one off season, one regular season, and one at trade deadline (week Cool.
Regular season trades can be done in off-season but can't consist of current season's draft picks.  They can consist of following year's draft picks though.

All trades must be approved on forums before they can be processed on PS4.  


Each team will be required to post 3 franchise players that will include one offensive, one defensive and the 3rd player will be best overall player under 27.  The franchise players you select for offense and defense must be 85 overall or higher.  These franchise players will not and cannot be traded.  Your franchise players will posted on forums and locked in once posted.  


If you get desync error message in the 2nd half and your game disconnects you start a new game from where you left off before it disconnected. After you finish what was left in the game get with a commish and we will put the losing team on auto to sim themselves the win. If you get a desync error message in the first half you start the game over 0-0.


These are SIM leagues. No Nano's, No using of any known glitches (example: Procedural Awareness, Clock Glitch, etc). If you play like a lobby player, then you will find yourself playing in the Lobby, not in these leagues.

4th Down - You may only go for it on 4th down if you're down by 21 or more points in the 2nd - 3rd quarter, or down by any amount in the 4th quarter. You may not go for it on 4th down during any other time in the game. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Quitting is NOT TOLERATED. First off, if you quit, you have no evidence of any wrong doing. Your word is NOT better than your opponents word. If you are losing big, and ask your opponent if you can concede a game in the 4th quarter, fine as long as your opponent agrees. We expect to play a full game EVERYTIME. If you are unable to man up and do so, we can find someone who will.
Lag - you have the first 2 min to restart the game because of lag

Do not restart vs the cpu!!!!!!!! Bad things happen to good people, your power goes out or anything to have to take the sim. That the only way to be fair to everyone in the league

You are expected to mix up your plays. Repetitive play calling is gay, and shows lack of skill... mix it up.

Match - up on defense, 1-5-5, 3-3-5, dime ex.. are not a base defense. Call base vs 1-3 running back sets, or less then 2wide sets. Matching up helps to keep the game sim, and less glitchy. 2nd and more the 13 and 3rd and over 5. Calls off the Match-up rule.......

No Huddle / Hurry Up Offense - Can only be used when down but more then 24points in the 1st - 3rd qtr, 10 points in the 4th, or 2min before the half(if your not up by 17). NO EXCEPTIONS!

Unrealistic drop backs, and QB insta sprints are not allowed (unless opponent sends an overload blitz). If its a called pass play, you must make at least a couple reads. If its a screen pass, that is not a run play, period.


No onside kicks, unless down by 2 scores in the 4th quarter (or under 2 minutes to play, and you are losing)
No user blocking of FGs or XPs, too many glitches that make this easy to do. There will be no moving players off the line for extra blocking for punt returns. Along with this there are no blocking fgs and extra points.


You may not fake punt at anytime on your side of the field. If you are on your opponents side of the field, the normal 4th down rule applies (you can go for it anytime on your opponents side of the field, this includes Fake Punts)


You may not milk the clock unless there is 2 minutes left in the half or til the end of the game.


Pre - Snap Player Movements - As USER you may move the player your Usering. You CAN NOT switch to another player!! Only 1 Player can be moved before snap. After Pre - snap you can move and select who ever you want to.


You can motion players, but they have to come to a complete stop and can not be motioned back.  Madden does have blue routes where guys go in motion automatically and that is an exception.


Running up the score on your opponent is unacceptable. We shouldn't have to go into full detail what it is, because all of us have had it happen. If you run the score up on opponents, you’ll either be warned or removed, depending on the situation. Similarly, we won't tolerate owners who run plays for the sake of padding stats while the game's already out of hand. Otherwise known as “Stat Hungry”. This does not mean you have to sit back and allow your opponent back into the game for the whole second half. Demonstrating good judgement in these situations is critical. If your opponent is still passing, and you have an interception, there is no requirement to run out of bounds rather than taking it to the house. This is the risk you take if you continue passing when down beyond the point of coming back.
EX: If you're ahead by more than 28 points in the 4th, run, run, run, punt is very sportsmanlike.


Each owner has to broadcast at least 4 games during the season.


Everyone is interchangeable but for sim play cbs and wrs have to play their assigned position. However in the offseason you will have the right to move players to different positions.

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Re: Ogml Rules

Post by kpthbusrunin on Wed Jun 25, 2014 1:33 pm


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